International Conference
sisr Società Italiana di Storia della Ragioneria

Siena, 3 - 4 December 2015

The First Draft Program of the forthcoming "First International Seminar of Accounting History" (ISAH 2015) is now available. If you are interested to participate you can use the registration form and a file with some organizational issues (see download). The Registration filled and signed has to be sent via e-mail (as a PdF
file) or via Fax (+39 0577 232641). As to the Fee payment please attach the receipt of the Bank transfer.
Please send us your Registration form not later than November 16, 2015. In your reply message don't forget to mention if there will be one or more accompayning person.
As to the accommodation we have prepared a list of Hotels and B&B you could contact. These Hotels and B&B are located in the center of Siena or in the nearby.

Moving from a successful experience dating back the nineties the Italian Society of Accounting History is eager to launch the First International Seminars of Accounting History (ISAH). Siena and its historic heritage could represent the perfect background where to convene and host the First ISAH. The main objective of our seminar is to offer to the participants the opportunity to present and discuss their own research papers in Accounting History profiting of a valuable faculty composition and the attendance of valuable invited speakers. The seminar program will be defined in order to offer a relevant opportunity to improve the quality of the papers presented and discussed.

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